Sensory Spectrum
Spectrum Discovery Center
Sensory Spectrum is a global leader in the generation of high-quality sensory information. As a leader in the field of sensory and consumer science, Sensory Spectrum provides custom designed studies to companies that define and quantify consumers’ interactions with the sensory properties- the look, the feel, the taste, the smell- of products. The result is an in-depth understanding of how to integrate sensory properties to develop, position, and improve products in order to open up new marketing strategies and business opportunities.
With broad access to representative consumer populations across the US, Sensory Spectrum works on both industry and academic research that serves health and wellness. Headquartered in New Providence, New Jersey, Sensory Spectrum’s North Carolina office is the home of a consumer database with greater than 9,300 participants who take part in various studies relating to consumer reactions to new foods, including healthier brands, beverage, snacks, personal care items, and household products. Locating at the NCRC has fostered the growth of new client relationships not only in North Carolina but Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia.
Sensory Spectrum’s involvement with the NCRC campus has taken shape while participating on grants and meeting with prospective tenants where the value of joining the campus is highlighted. Spectrum is working on The Strawberry Project with NC State University.  Partnering with the NCRC provides a fertile place to grow and be innovative in the health and wellness sector while continuing to expand the understanding of sensory response and human behavior.
Gail Vance Civille, president of Sensory Spectrum, Inc., has pioneered advanced sensory evaluation approaches for industry, academia and the government. For over 40 years, her application of strategic business initiatives to R&D and marketing projects has impacted sensory science globally. Her fundamental development of flavor, texture, fragrance, Skinfeel and Fabricfeel Spectrum Descriptive Analysis methodology, references and protocols is the foundation for sound analytical tools in sensory science. As an expert in the evaluation of sensory properties, Civille has worked with thousands of food and personal care products using sophisticated consumer and descriptive techniques. 

Judy Heylmun
, vice president of Business Development of Sensory Spectrum, Inc. and director of Spectrum Discovery Center North Carolina, brings many years of management experience to assist client companies in designing and implementing customized research programs directed at developing consumer and product understanding. Located in North Carolina, Heylmun is partnering with the North Carolina Research Campus to assist North Carolina universities and industry partners to further research and activities in the areas of health and wellness development.