The focus of the Monsanto laboratory at the North Carolina Research Campus is the improvement of the flavor, taste and nutritional properties of fruits and vegetables. In addition, they are interested in identifying bioactive components in food with nutritional properties. They are conducting their research using state-of-the-art analytical capabilities of the David H. Murdock Research Institute to identify components in fruits and vegetables that impact flavor and taste. 
Monsanto has a long standing collaborative relationship with NC State University, one of the eight universities at the NCRC. The Kannapolis campus provides Monsanto and other institutions located there an opportunity to forge new relationships that could ultimately lead to new flavorful and healthy choices for consumers. Teamwork and third-party alliances are at the core of Monsanto’s leadership in agricultural biotechnology research and development. A large part of the vision behind the NCRC is to foster those collaborations and encourage discoveries in nutrition and human health, which have a lasting impact on the way that the country and the world live.
Currently there are 10 employees working in the Monsanto laboratories. These employees are a mix of new hires and relocations from other Monsanto facilities. Monsanto is a flagship corporate tenant at NCRC’s 350-acre, life science campus and the second Fortune 100 Company to join the campus.
Principal Investigator, Susan MacIsaac, PhD
As the lead researcher for the Monsanto Research Facility at NCRC, Dr. MacIssac is responsible for the development and execution of the technical strategy for Monsanto’s research operations at the NCRC and for the collaboration with David H. Murdock Research Institute. In this capacity, Dr. MacIssac will lead a team of 22 scientists in the application of advanced analytical tools for the development of more nutritious and flavorful fruits and vegetables and higher yielding row crops.