The NCRC Partnership is a collaborative effort of private sector, university and public sector partners that support the efforts of the NC Research Campus by assisting to promote the business and research potential of this unique asset. 
Working together, we have established an environment that facilitates innovative research, job creation and economic development. 

The NC Research Campus is a world class 1.5 billion dollar life science complex where industry and academic scientists from across the globe are coming together to drive innovation and discovery at the intersection of nutrition, human health and agriculture. 

The Campus is a 350-acre campus near Charlotte, NC that boasts eight of the state’s most highly recognized research universities, Fortune 100 and 500 companies that are global leaders in the areas of food and nutrition, and over $26 million in federal research grants. Campus partners include: Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill, NC State University, UNC Charlotte, NC Central University, NC A&T State University, UNC Greensboro, Appalachian State University, Dole Nutrition Research Institute, General Mills, Monsanto, LabCorp, Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, Carolinas Healthcare System, Cabarrus Helath Alliance, Sensory Spectrum, and the US Department of Agriculture.

The magnitude of the research combined with the advanced scientific equipment and instrumentation of the David H. Murdock Research Institute (DHMRI) are the reasons that the NCRC is fast becoming the center of nutrition and disease research. The DHMRI, housed within the 311,000-square-foot David H. Murdock Core Laboratory Building, is a catalyst for major scientific discoveries with capabilities that range from next-generation sequencing to cutting-edge confocal imaging and the world’s first actively shielded 950 MHz NMR.